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161  total workshops or performances from June 2012 to Feb 2017



         ①19 workshops and performances 

      教育機関  for public or private school

                                       (preschool, elementary, middle, high school, college , university )


         ②72 workshops and  performances

       公的機関 for public corporation

                                       (government, state, city, Chamber, TV, Radio, hospital, US army)


        27 performances

      私的機関  for business organization(company)


           ④11 performances  

      個人    for private party(wedding party, birthday party)


           ⑤8 recitals   

      発表会   our Recital for our students

Dragon Beat  Hawaii // Taiko 

2012年7月1日、和太鼓教室~龍打~Dragon Beat が ハワイ オアフ島にてスタートしました。





The Grand Opening of Dragon Beat Wa-Taiko or Japanese Drum School is JULY in HAWAII !!!  The most famous Japanese drum" Asano Taiko" landed with us.

Asano Taiko has a history dating back more than 400 years.

We want people all over the world know how wonderful Wa-taiko is!

The beat of several sounds , wave, roll, whisper, tone...Come experience the beat of Wa-taiko.



    TUE    4pm   Beginner

             5pm   Kid   3~4yrs       KoKoDRAGON   Open

             6pm    Intermediate                               Open

  Wed  3pm   Kid  5yrs~7 yrs   KODORA           Open

           4pm   Kid  8yrs~12yrs  JUNI DORA       open....    

           5pm   Beginners                                     Open  

           6pm  Beginners plus                              open...

           7pm  Beginners                                      Open


 Thus  3pm  Kid 5~7yrs        KODORA            Open

              4pm  Teen intermediate                      Open

              5pm  kid 5~7yrs         Kodra                open



           5pm   Kid  8yrs~   Junior doragon     Open

           6pm   Beginners                               Open without 4th Fri


  Sat     12:30     Beginner

              01:30     Beginner plus

            02:45     Hiyoko          2~4yrs                          Open

            3:30pm   Kid 5~7yrs                         Open

              4:30pm    Junior  8~12yrs  open    


   Sun    10am  Beginners                           Open


   MEN's    once a month   (for only members)   Open  1st Tue 7~9pm

   Ladies    once a month   (for only members)   Open  4th Fri 6~8pm