Taiko in Hawaii is DragonBeat!!!

Performances Infomation

Year 2016

         Aug 19,20      Jodo mission Bon Dance from 5:50pm 

                Aug 20           Byoudouin Festival from 3:00pm



Year 2015  Performance on time ←click here now


             Jan 1  Happy first selling 2015 at DonQuijote at Kaheka

             Jan 1  Happy New Year at Waikiki Prince Hontel

             Jan 9   Shinnen Enkai Opening at Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce

             Jan 11 Ohana Festival by  Japanese Culture Center of Hawaii

             Jan 17 Cherry Blossom Festival by Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of

                       Commerce at Kahara Mall

            Feb 14,15

                       International Koi show at waikiki aquarium



            Feb 14  Valentine Event of Koral97.1 at Downtown in Honolulu


            Feb 15  Hawaii Japan Goodwill Concert at Hawaii Theater

                                     3pm~5pm                            Ticket Free!


            April 21 Nippon Club performance and Lecture about Taikos

            Mar  8   Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden at Waikiki


           May 6     Queen Emma Preschool for Kids DAY

           May 10    Kuakini Hospital with Chiyo at Hale Pulama Mau

           May 21    Private Wedding Party at Kapiolani Park

           June 7     Private Happy Birthday Party at Kahala

           June 10   Palama Community Center for summer fun

           June 10   Hanami sake Festival at Prince Hotel Waikiki

    June 12,13,14  Pan Pacific Festival

                                  12th 12:00  13th 4:20 14th 11:00 and 3:00

           June 20  Harada Kai anniversary at Alamoana Hotel  from 10am

           June 27  Lions Club International Convention 

                               as the leadoff of the Parade  at WAIKIKI from 9:00am


           July 18   Private graduation Party

           July 19   HOUYOU 法要 celemony at JODO mission

           August 14th 15th  Bon Dance Matsuri at JODO mission

           August 15th    BYOUDOUIN kaneohe Valley the temple summer Fes



 Year 2014 total 37 stages!!!

    1月1日    ハワイ太宰府天満宮・金刀比羅神社  10時~

           ドン・キホーテ           8時半~

           1月4日    ハワイ日本商工会議所        18時~

    1月19日  ハワイ日本文化センター オハナまつり 12時~

    1月18日  レインボー学園           

    1月26日  チェリーブロッサム

    3月5日   Qween Emma 幼稚園 ボランティア公演 10時~

    3月7日   KZOO ラジオ 生演奏出演     18時~

    3月9日   原田ひろしショー 応援公演     

    3月15日  チェリーブロッサム フェスティバル  15時~


    3月30日  四季の会  日本文化センター マノアホール 12時~ 2 stage

    4月2日   プライベート ウェディングパーティー  20時~


          4月18日  花見酒フェスティバル  プリンスホテル 18時~

     5月10日  プライベート Mr Yamamoto 厄払いパーティー演奏 

          at Natsunoya Restaurant

           May        Master Tsutomu Nakai appered on TV show Oleo 53 channnel

           May 29   Waialae elementary summer school 

           June 13,14,15

                        Matsuri in Hawaii (Panpacific Festival)

                        13th Alamoana Center Stage

                        14th Waikiki Beach Walk

                        15th Alamoana Center Stage

    July 5    NeYagawa BonDance at Osaka Japan

           July 17  Party of a famous company at Waikiki Sheraton Hotel

           July 25  Higashihonganji BonDance

                              accompaniment with Haradakai Minyou team

           July 26  Obon memorial service at JODO mission of Hawaii

           Aug 13  Community Center at Palama for children   

           Aug 14  Cafe Grace new opening at Kakaako 

           Aug 15,16    

                         Jodo mission of Hawaii at Makiki  Bon Dance festival

           Aug  15   Byoudouin Hawaii at Kaneohe

                            DragonBeat performace

                            and accompaniment with Myouhouji chorus

           Sep 6      Rainbow for Japan Kids at Ward 

    Oct 9      Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shigin 55th annual party

                           at Pacific Hotel Waikiki

           Oct 21      work shop at Anntie Betty and Uncle Pete English Class

           Oct 22      Setoshio Sayonara Party at pearl harbor      

    Dec 2       annual director party of a famous company at Kaneohe

           Dec 13     Delta Air Line Event at Honolulu Airport

           Dec 27 5pm  Dragon Beat 3rd WaTaiko Festival (Youth)

           Dec 27 7pm  Dragon Beat 3rf WaTaiko Festival (adult)


Year 2013 total 22 stages!!!




   We are closed from 6/29~7/19 Thank you

Dragon Beat  Hawaii // Taiko 

2012年7月1日、和太鼓教室~龍打~Dragon Beat が ハワイ オアフ島にてスタートしました。





The Grand Opening of Dragon Beat Wa-Taiko or Japanese Drum School is JULY in HAWAII !!!  The most famous Japanese drum" Asano Taiko" landed with us.

Asano Taiko has a history dating back more than 400 years.

We want people all over the world know how wonderful Wa-taiko is!

The beat of several sounds , wave, roll, whisper, tone...Come experience the beat of Wa-taiko.



    TUE    4pm   Beginner

             5pm   Kid   3~4yrs       KoKoDRAGON   Open

             6pm    Intermediate                               Open

  Wed  3pm   Kid  5yrs~7 yrs   KODORA           Open

           4pm   Kid  8yrs~12yrs  JUNI DORA       open....    

           5pm   Beginners                                     Open  

           6pm  Beginners plus                              open...

           7pm  Beginners                                      Open


 Thus  3pm  Kid 5~7yrs        KODORA            Open

              4pm  Teen intermediate                      Open

              5pm  kid 5~7yrs         Kodra                open



           5pm   Kid  8yrs~   Junior doragon     Open

           6pm   Beginners                               Open without 4th Fri


  Sat     12:30     Beginner

              01:30     Beginner plus

            02:45     Hiyoko          2~4yrs                          Open

            3:30pm   Kid 5~7yrs                         Open

              4:30pm    Junior  8~12yrs  open    


   Sun    10am  Beginners                           Open


   MEN's    once a month   (for only members)   Open  1st Tue 7~9pm

   Ladies    once a month   (for only members)   Open  4th Fri 6~8pm






e-mail to dragonbeat1111@gmail.com

Tel         808 492 9137  


主な練習場所:paractice at

1429 Makiki St