2019 Nahoku HanoHano Graphic award winner!

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more than 400 stage  total workshops or performances from June 2012 to Jan 2021



         23  stages for public or private school

                                       (preschool, elementary, middle, high school, college , university )


        101 stages   for public corporation

                                       (government, state, city, Chamber, TV, Radio, hospital, US army,  

                                               festival  for public)


      35 stages   for business organization(company)


          19 stages  for private party (wedding party, birthday party, retirement party)


           9 recitals     our Recital for our students


          1 Dinner show!

Dragon Beat  Hawaii // Taiko 

2012年7月1日、和太鼓教室~龍打~Dragon Beat が ハワイ オアフ島にてスタートしました。





The Grand Opening of Dragon Beat Wa-Taiko or Japanese Drum School is JULY in HAWAII !!!  The most famous Japanese drum" Asano Taiko" landed with us.

Asano Taiko has a history dating back more than 400 years.

We want people all over the world know how wonderful Wa-taiko is!

The beat of several sounds , wave, roll, whisper, tone...Come experience the beat of Wa-taiko.



      we provide online class until 9/11 under Hawaii state stay home order


      Wed   4pm   Junior

                 5pm   Kdragon

                 6pm   Beginner adult

                 7pm   Beginner plus adult(experienced)

     Thur   4pm   Inter Junior and Teen(approved)

                5pm   Junior

                6pm   Inter adult (approved)

     Fri      10am  silver star for senior

                11am  silver star for senior

                 5pm    Hiyoko

                5:30     Kdragon

                6:30     Beginner adult

                7:30     Bon Katsugioke class( only for monthy members/extra fee required)

     Sat     12:30   Beginner adult

                1:30    Beginner plus adult

                2:45    Hiyoko

                3:30    Kdragon

                4:30    Junior

                5:30    Teen 

     Sun    8am     SIlver Star for senior

                9am     Silever Star for Senior